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Shanghai Nanjiao Hotel

No.8 WangYuan Road,ShangHai 201400 Tel:

bet365体育直播投注NanJiao Hotel is located in the new town of NanQiao,FengXian District. The hotel covers an area of over 52,000 Sqm and involves a total investment of 600million RMB. Featuring the Spanish architectural glory and beauty, NanJiao Hotel has two perfectly symmetrical 8-storey towers- the East Tower and the West Tower- rising up as its main structure. The two towers are refractively positioned and connected by a sky bridge at the top floor. To the south of the hotel is a 50-meter long waterfront landscape belt, while the north is a spectacular square leading to the main entrance. On the second floor of the hotel resides the stately lobby. The broad vehicle ramp and the splendid Spanish-style stairs artfully weave the gorgeous ambiance and the majestic hotel into a sublime wonderland exuding grandeur and splendeur.