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ChinaIRC 2019

The 14th China International Plastics Recycling Conference and Exhibition


Theme: Devotion on Green Recycling

Sep 25

10:00-22:00???? On-site registration: Shanghai Nanjiao Hotel Lobby

15:00-18:00???? Member meeting of CPRA?????? pending

19:00-21:00???? Salute meeting

1,Introduce the preparations for the conference;

2,Listen to the opinions of the participants and the industry problems.

3,Self-introduction of the participants??? pending

Sep 26Conference and Exhibition

Chapter I: Opening Ceremony

09000915???? I, Welcoming Speech????????

Chapter II: Reading of Policy

09150945???? II, Reading on the New Law on the Prevention and Control of solid waste pollution

1,Revision background

2,Major change from the revision

3,The significant impact on the waste plastics industry after the revision

By Environmental Security Committee of the NPC Conference Hall

09451015???? III, Thoughts on Tax Policy Reform in Renewable Resources Industry

1. Interpretation of relevant financial and tax preferential policies in the renewable resources industry

2. Thoughts and directions for future tax policy reform

By Finance and Taxation Research Institute of the Ministry of Finance

Chapter III: “Zero waste city”, recycling system construction and trash classification

10151045???? IV,Interpretation of the Construction of "Zero Waste City"

1. Connotation of “Zero Waste City” and National Construction Pilot

2. The process and key nodes of the construction of “Zero waste city”

3. How do plastic recycling enterprises participate in the construction of “Zero waste cities”?

By Ministry of Ecology and Environment?????????

10451115???? V, Recycling system construction, resource recycling and sorting center

1. Changes in the construction of recycling system in the new era of “trash classification”

2. Discussion and practice of new recycling mode

3. Scheme and implementation of the construction of sorting center

By Ministry of Commerce???????

1115-1140??????? VI,? New Era for Garbage Disposal by integrated Two-Network

Integrated two-network to help the new era of trash classification

1. Implementation of trash Classification in Shanghai: “March Examination”

2, "Integrated two-network" solution

3. Results and sharing of “Tianqiang Model”

By Shanghai Tianqiang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd?

1140-1200??????? Exhibition Visiting? ?

12101330???? Lunch??????? Banquet Hall

Chapter IV: Identification of imported pellets and standardization construction.

1400-1430??????? VII, Identification and typical case analysis of imported recycled pellet

1. Import standards currently implemented for imported recycled pellets

2. Customs supervision focus

3. Case analysis of typical solid waste identification

4. Future import and regulatory direction of recycled pellets

By Customs Risk Control Center or Solid Waste Identification Center?? Conference Hall

1430-1500??????? VIII, Recycling plastics industry standard status and future drafting and planning

1. Introduction of relevant standards released and forthcoming in the plastics recycling industry

2. Standard drafting and planning

1) Standard for evaluation index of waste plastics clean production

2) Classification criteria for waste plastic processing equipment

3. The significance of standard setting for the industry

By Standardization expert??????

Chapter V: Global Trend and Overseas Investment

1500-1525??????? IX, New opportunities for the global waste plastics market after the adoption of the amendments to the Basel Convention

1. The impact of China's “Import Ban” on the global waste plastics market

2. Analysis of the contents of the amendments to the Basel Convention

3. New opportunities and challenges in the global waste plastics market

By UNEP Basel Convention Asia Pacific Center?????? Conference Hall

1525-1550??????? X US Waste Plastics Industry Transformation and Investment Analysis

1. Changes in the US waste plastics industry after the upgrade of global “Waste import ban”

2. Opportunities and challenges in investing in the US waste plastics industry

3. How does Closed Loop Partners build a bridge for US investment

4. Typical investment case sharing

By Closed Loop Partners

1550-1615??????? XI, European waste plastics industry transformation and investment opportunities

1. Changes and trends of the European waste plastics industry

2. Characteristics of waste plastics industry in European countries

3. Investment focus and policy analysis of waste plastics industry in European countries

4. Typical investment case sharing

By European investment analysis expert????????

1615-1640??????? XII, Interpretation of Indonesian Waste Plastics Policy and Introduction to Investment Environment

1. Introduction of Indonesian waste plastics industry

2. Waste plastics processing environmental policy and import policy

3. Possible solutions and suggestions for investing in Indonesia

4. Build a road to investment and trade between China and Indonesia


Chapter VI: High-end Dialogue: New Plastic Economy and Sustainable Development

1640-17:30? 1. Sustainable development goals of major countries and key enterprises around the world

2, How to make recycled pellets go to high-end products

1) Brand purchase requirements for recycled pellets

2) Brand management requirements for recycling of plastics

3) Identification and certification of recycled plastic as raw materials and recycled products

By Research institutions, well-known brands, certification bodies, well-known recycled plastics processing enterprises, etc.?

1800-2000??????? Welcoming Banquet???????? Banquet Hall

Sep 27

Chapter VI: Trade, market risk prevention

0900-0930??????? XIII, Risk prevention and arbitration under the new trade form

1. Common risks of recycled pellet trade

2. Prevention of trade risk of recycled pellets

3. Typical case analysis

4. Establishing the concept of arbitration institutions in China's recycled plastics industry

By Senior Trade Consultant, Lawyer??????? Conference Hall

0930-1000??????? XIV, How to use financial instruments to avoid market risks

1. Influencing factors of fluctuations in commodity markets and their impact on the recycled plastics market

2. Analysis of the market trend of recycled plastics in 2019

3. Forecast of future market trend of recycled plastics

4. Measures for companies to avoid market fluctuation risks and stop losses

By analysis experts of futures and market ???

Chapter VII: New technology, equipment and high value utilization

1000-1030??????? XVI, Discussion on chemical recovery technology of waste plastics

1. Technical principle of chemical recovery

2. Advantages and Disadvantages of Chemical Recovery

3. Cooperation opportunities and win-win

By Reputed chemical industry experts??? Conference Hall

1030-1100??????? XVII,High value recycling of PET

1. Status of PET recycling, processing and application in China

2. Product requirements for food-contact recycled PET

3. Technical and equipment requirements for food-contact recycled PET

4. High-value recycling of PET in other fields

By senior experts in PET regeneration???

1100-1120??????? XVIII, Recycled plastic new equipment sharing

1. New high-efficiency regrind equipment

2. New sorting equipment

3. New extrusion granulation equipment

4. Other new equipment

By representative of equipment manufacturing enterprises

1200-1300??????? Lunch???????

1330-1600??????? Enterprise visit (the two-network integrated garbage sorting and transfer station of Fengxian District established by Shanghai Tianqiang Company)???????? Tianqiang Company

Exhibition Open Time?????? Sep 26? 10001800


Sep 27? 09001200????? Exhibition Hall